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Featuring in this song is so much fun.

Easy Way Out - You’re Lost (song)

Download the new album, if you haven’t already.


I’ve been straight edge for five years now, thought it was about time I got some ink. My first straight edge tattoo done by Donny Arthur a fellow edge friend from Buffalo, NY.


Cold World, Dead End Path, Expire, most likely Backtrack.

Buffalo Date added, June 12th.

Spread The Word.



Harm’s Way wants to kick your ass


Can’t wait for this in Canada.

Source: sxeworldwide

Click on the picture to see live footage.

Download the demo here:


Earth Crisis - Firestorm

Corrupt politicans, corrupt enforcement, drug lords and dealers; all must fall. The helpless are crying out. We have risen to their call. A firestorm to purify.


Harm’s Way - Warriors Will Reign

forever disciplined
behold our power
physical domination
over your
constant failures
blood so pure
we are the chosen
endless army
you cannot contend
postponing death
you will suffer
unstoppable force
that we proclaim
it’s through our edge
as warriors
we will reign